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What is folklore ?

Folklore refers to a body of popular music created in Argentina outside the urban center of Buenos Aires. Based on indigenous dance rhythms like the zamba, cueca, chacarera, carnavalito and vidala, these songs were passed on through oral tradition and were virtually unknown outside their own region until the early 20th century. They then became a part of Argentina's regional and national identity. In the 1950's and 60's, with the increasing urbanization of Argentina and the spread of radio and television, there was a "Boom de Folklore", led by songwriters like Atahualpa Yupanqui and "Cuchi" Leguizamón. In the 1970's, the New Singer Movement (Movimiento del Nuevo Cancionero)  brought together many different types of popular Argentine music, including folklore, tango and even rock. Mercedes Sosa, Ariel Ramirez and Eduardo Falu represent only a few of the iconic voices of this music.


Tierrʌdentro explores this rich trove of music, adding their own colors and textures and expanding the forms of these songs while retaining their rhythmic essence and powerful poetry.

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// drums

Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist, improvising artist, composer, and educator whose work crosses the borders of musical inspiration. His evocative and ambitious 

performance concept on mountain dulcimer,

vibraphone, drums and percussion, allows him to collaborate with a diverse group of artists from across the planet.


// piano


Michael's  diverse activities include 
accompanying soloists and choirs as well as appearing as recitalist and soloist with 

orchestras. In addition to being a concert pianist, 

he is organist at Third Presbyterian Church in Shadyside and teaches for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of Pittsburgh.



A native of Argentina, Raquel lives in the world of chamber music, early music and opera-- but she has been singing folklore and tango for decades.  A specialist in Hispanic and Latin American music, she is a professor of voice at Indiana University of PA.


// oboe


Lenny is a performer, an improvisor, a teacher and a scholar. He has played in classical and jazz contexts, arranges for ensembles and choirs, and works with students at Carnegie Mellon University and the Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School.


// bass


Tracy performs extensively on modern and historical double basses and violone. As a touring musician, he has performed in New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, England, Japan, Italy and across the United States and Canada. He is the bassist for The Cleveland Chamber Symphony, and is actively involved with contemporary classical and jazz movements as an improviser and composer.

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